R B Fritz Photography

Randy B Fritz Photographer

The greater part of any knowledge I have has been learned through trial and error. In my early teen years I was given a Kodak Instamatic and the journey began.

Eventually discovering that the camera didn’t always see what I saw and consequently wanting to discover why, I took pictures of everything. To this day I still cannot say why some images aren’t what I thought I saw. It is just one component that keeps the journey intriguing.

My hope is that you will gain a sense of place. That you will feel what I felt and see what I saw and realize that the context and light of each image will never be exactly the same again, ever. I believe these features are what cause photography to expand beyond documentation to become art.

My passion is to continually exercise this God-given talent and use the “darkroom” of software to produce images that you will enjoy viewing for many years.

My work is enjoyed in the homes of private art collectors nationally and internationally as well as exhibited in galleries and permanent business collections.